What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is about becoming one of the top pages that appear in a search. This optimization is to increase traffic to your site, and in turn increase business. The people at SeoTuners carefully consider what is being searched for on the web and how that affects the algorithms that figure rankings for your website.
In the 1990’s, search engines ranked sites according to Meta tag information that was provided by the webmaster. Since the webmaster had complete control over this information, it was commonly abused. There were many instances where a webmaster would put in irrelevant Meta tags and keywords, which lead to results that did not meet search requirements.
In 2004, search engines started using algorithms to rank websites. This meant more accurate results for people looking for information, and that webmasters could not abuse the system. This is where website SEO steps in and becomes so important. Website SEO makes it easy for search engines to find and rank your business.
Based in Los Angeles California, SeoTuners has a respected system that will help your website gain rankings. While this is not a quick process, it is possible that you will see results in the first month. A period of six months may be necessary for the results of their work to become obvious.
SeoTuners is able to help you create a more search engine friendly website. Most web site rankings occur behind the scenes, by ranking keywords, relevant content, and much more that a website SEO campaign needs to include. . The specialists at SeoTuners will be able to recommend adjustments to your overall design, menu navigation, content management, images, videos, shopping carts, and other elements that make up your site to have it rank higher in search engine results.
While there are many recommendations for getting more traffic to your site, not all of those recommendations are good ones. SeoTuners knows what actions to take that search engines approve of, so that your site will experience long lasting, organic SEO ranking results. These methods have been tested over time and are proven to improve your website SEO strategy.