SEO Agency’s Advanced Tips for Reporting SEO to Clients

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One of the biggest problems that exist currently in the world of SEO is the fact that people just do not understand what happens behind the scenes and how organic search engine results are generated in the first place. Vendors do not usually communicate clear expectations, nor do they properly educate their clients. Therefore, here are the key points that you want to address fully to boost your success rate as an SEO agency in LA when it comes to reporting to and educating your clients:

Have Accurate and Efficient Pre-Sale Discussions

If the client does not understand what you are doing, that will basically hinder your train of progressive comprehension when it comes to these reports. Make sure that your client understands what you do and responds to your correspondence in a timely yet acceptable fashion. As a SEO agency in LA, make sure that your client also understands that it will take 6-12 months to generate quality SEO results – it is not an “overnight” operation.

Focus on Revenue from Organic Searches

You should shift your focus towards the revenue generated from organic searches – especially after your client understands the realistic expectations and concepts outlined through your pre-sale discussion with them. The most viewed metric that your client will access frequently is the revenue generated from organic search engines, which is why you should ensure they are educated properly on reading and understanding these reports.

Educate the Client on Organic Search Traffic

Make sure that you also educate the client properly on organic search traffic. Pay close attention to trends that exist month to month or even year to year. Your client will want to see signs of an improvement in the traffic and revenue, which is why this aspect of your reporting and overall client education is so imperative. Your SEO agency in LA will also be able to adjust your approach and recommend strategy modifications based on your findings.

For instance, if the online traffic numbers are up but the sales and generated revenue are down, then you should closely examine why that is the case. It is more than likely due to pricing changes, the removal of free shipping or an overall drop in efficient website navigation and customer service.

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