How is poor content ruining SEO every day?

Search engine optimization or SEO of a web page is done by improving the quality of the content in it to make more users come to your site. These days, poor content destroys the efforts to optimize a site. This happens in the following ways.

  • Keyword stuffing: To make the site appear on the top result pages of search engines, many websites try to make content by stuffing keywords unnecessarily. By repeating the same keywords, the search algorithms are manipulated which drags users away from the site.
  • Duplicate content: SEO friendly content does not mean that you have to include duplicate content in your site. The content should be as unique as possible. If you have copied some content from other sites, the search engines will not index your pages as your pages seem like just repetition.
  • Quality of guest posts: When you allow guests to post on your website, you must ensure that the content is original. Accepting write-ups from new writers is good but, they have to be original. Today, a lot of sites have columns filled with content from guests which are too lousy to read.
  • Paid links: Getting valuable back links take a lot of effort and patience. But, there are sites which pay money to buy back links. This is a bad SEO practice that may get good rankings in the beginning. But, they are sure to fail in course of time by losing the ranking.
  • Invisible text: Previously, there was a practice of hiding the real pages from the crawlers. The content contains links that lead to different versions of the same page when clicked by the users and the web crawlers. This is a poor practice which gradually takes away the ranking of your site.

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