What does SEO stand for?
SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is the art and science behind getting top ranks to today’s leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing 
What does SEM stand for?
SEM stands for “Search Engine Marketing” and includes the greater marketing industry that SEO is just a part of. SEM includes but is not limited to Pay Per Click, SEO, and paid inclusion advertising. 
What is “Organic SEO” ?
Organic SEO is the process of ranking a website in a fashion that is considered natural or “Organic” by the search engines.
How many keywords can I target in one campaign?
This strongly depends on your marketing budget and how competitive the keywords you are targeting may be. Our entry level campaigns usually include between 10-15 keywords. 
How much does your service cost?
Our array of services gives us the ability to customize a campaign to fit the needs and budget of almost any business. Please speak with one of our marketing consultants for a customized campaign quote.
Why do I have to continue to pay monthly for this service?
Many aspects of the SEO process require steady work over an extended period of time. A link building campaign can range anywhere from 6 months to several years depending on the keywords and there competition. Link building is by far the most important of the ongoing processes and must be maintained in order to keep your rankings high. 
What is the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO?
White hat and black hat are terms that take us back to the days of cowboys and the wild west were the good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black hats. White hat SEO is the practice of conforming to all rules and regulations for good practices set in place by the major search engines. Black hat SEO practices are those that are ethically “grey” and may not be approved by the big three search engines. Black hat techniques often include the use of link farms and keyword stuffing. SeoTuners is 100% white hat and none of our practices will ever place your website at risk. The safety and credibility of our clients’ websites is always our number one priority.
What are link farms?
A link farm is a group of organized websites with many links pointing at other websites in the same farm. A link farm is used to spam the search engine indexes and gain higher ranks for the sites in the farm. Link farms are not a search engine approved method of increasing ranking and joining a link farm could be potentially risky to your site. Many of the cut rate SEO services and “too good to be true” SEO websites will deceptively use link farms to get you ranked. SeoTuners does NOT employ the use of link farms as it is a black hat practice. SeoTuners is 100% white hat and our links are built naturally through manual submissions. 
What is keyword stuffing?
Keyword stuffing is the practice of overusing a particular keyword on a website with the expectation that it will increase the rankings of said keyword. Keyword stuffing is often done in deceptive manner so as the extra content cannot be seen by the web browser but still read by the search engines. Keyword stuffing puts your website at risk for repercussions from the search engines such as lower ranks or getting banned. SeoTuners does NOT employ the use of keyword stuffing as it is a black hat practice. SeoTuners is 100% white hat and our keyword density is achieved by employing professional writers to develop relevant content pertaining to your keywords.
How soon will I see results?
A well planned and well managed SEO campaign takes a little bit of time. That being said, it is possible to start to see some results within the first month. In the end the search engines reward consistency and you can usually expect to see more significant movement within the first 6 months. 
Is there any guarantee?
Guarantees are a delicate subject as on the internet they walk a fine line between quality assurance and cheesy fly by night gimmicks. So here is how we do it… You do not have to sign a long term contract for us to begin work on your project. You can go month to month if you wish and walk away at any time you don’t see a value in what we do. And, if by the sixth consecutive month of paid service you have not seen any ranking improvements on your keywords, we will continue to work at no charge for two additional months. Bottom line, no results in 6 months, we keep working for 2 months free. This is the most legitimate way that we can stand behind the quality of our service.
How can I track the success of my campaign?
This is the easy part. We proactively send you ranking reports every month. This allows you to easily monitor how your keywords are performing and also lets you audit the work that we are doing. All of our SEO services are completely transparent. 
What are the terms on a service agreement?
We are proud to offer our services without any long term contracts. We can do this because we know there is value in what we do AND we know that you will clearly see that value as well. We don’t need a contract to keep you from running away from us. That being said, we understand that many of you will be repeat clients or come from a respectable referral.