The Need for Drug Rehab Marketing

Every day in America alone, approximately 120 people die from drug overdoses, totalling around 49,000 overdose deaths annually. Getting your message to suffering addicts can literally save lives. That’s why drug rehab marketing is so valuable.

Indeed, the statistics are alarming. A recent study shows that 20+million Americans suffer from Substance Abuse Disorder (SAD), and that number is increasing daily. The phrase “drug rehab marketing” seems cold-hearted and selfish. It sounds as if rehab facilities seeking drug rehab marketing are interested in profits more than helping suffering addicts. Yet, drug rehab marketing can be the difference between connecting your services to those in need or not.

Let’s be honest, without patients, a rehab facility can’t exist. It cost money to maintain facilities, employ staff, and advertise your services. SEO Tuners puts a human touch on drug rehab marketing. We connect your facility to addicts in need. Let us give you a synopsis of how our drug rehab marketing works.

How it Works:

We use a marketing mix. We understand human behavior. The majority of addicts are ashamed of their condition. Hence, most addicts today will search for information and resources online for privacy. Our online marketing includes search engine optimization and backlinks to help addicts in your area find your treatment center. Since social media is so prominent, we provide a robust social media drug rehab marketing strategy.

We also use pay-per-click (PPC). PPC is a bit more expensive, but it yields better results because PPC is extremely targeted. Ultimately, you’ll need to provide quality optimized content on all marketing platforms continuously to remain high in the search results once you get there. Above all, your facility MUST provide excellent treatment, or all your marketing efforts will be in vain.

We can’t emphasize enough the need to get your drug rehab marketing strategy developed and implemented immediately. It takes months to see significant results from your marketing campaigns. Also, marketing campaigns have to be maintained indefinitely, or you will lose all of your progress.  

Contact us at 1-877-736-1112 to discuss your drug rehab marketing needs. Our staff is highly trained, and we understand the drug rehab industry. We understand the patterns of substance abuse, and we can communicate the unique features and therapies of your drug treatment facility. We Generate leads and patients.

In an ideal world, there would be no need for drug treatment facilities. But as the statistics reveal, we be no means live in such a world. With the drug epidemic raging so prevalent in our society, we can help you keep your drug rehab facility full constantly.

Looking at the business side of your drug rehab facility, it is a competitive marketplace. Though you got into your business to help suffering addicts, there’s nothing wrong with earning a good living.

What We Can Do for Your Drug Rehab Facility

Here are some of our drug rehab marketing options that we can include in your marketing campaign.

1. Television- TV is still the king of marketing. Using TV marketing is a great way to build your brand and fill your beds.

2. Online Marketing- Online marketing is arguably just as effective as TV marketing. Trends indicate that online marketing will surpass TV marketing soon.

3. Radio Marketing- Radio marketing is great for instant results. Unfortunately, you must keep an ongoing budget for radio marketing. Once your budget runs out, so do the phone calls.

4. Affiliate Marketing- Get your message on hundreds of sites in the form of text or banner ads.

5. Social Media- Over time, social media marketing will bring a consistent and increasing flow of patients.

6. Local Markets- We’ll get the word out to local AA/NA meetings, therapists, and other treatment centers in your area. This marketing strategy is a great way to get referrals.

Call us today to discuss your drug rehab marketing campaign.