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Why Did Google Posts for Small Businesses Move to Google My Business?

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Google has revealed that Google Posts, content for search results, is now a part of Google My Business, a product created by the company to help businesses manage their presence across all of Google as per the company, from search engine results to social networking and more.

Explaining Google Posts & GMB

Aside from Google local optimization and other SEO services, Google My Business continues the trend of offering businesses and entrepreneurs direct access to how their business appears on Google’s search engine results.

By inputting the name of a business, potential customers not only get more information about the business through third-party websites, blogs and social networks filled with related content, but through Google itself.

Google as “The Search Engine”

It’s a bit futile to speculate on the future of Google as a business – the only relevant research to be made is the research that the here and now relies on – but it’s also obvious that Google is continuing its gradual move to evolve and improve the way people and businesses interact.

Although Google started as simple search engine, they’re embracing their current form as the Internet’s greatest and most useful tool for finding and identifying content. Google helps businesses connect with people who need them, and it helps people connect with the services and products they’re looking for. Through Google Posts and GMB, Google offers customers a better insight into what kind of company any given business is.

Instead of partnering with other social networks or websites that already provide a platform of businesses and customers to communicate and keep in touch, Google is banking on its significance and importance as a search engine, with Google Posts showing up in search results as a further incentive for businesses to use Google My Business, and continuously rely on Google to find new customers, attract more traffic, and build a better, stronger web presence.

While doing so, Google is expanding the functionality and usefulness of Google Post to ensure that businesses and entrepreneurs have an efficient way of updating their customers, sending out posts on sales and upcoming events in a press release-like manner.

We can only guess what Google will plan next to further consolidate their power as a communications and business platform on the net.


Top 10 Strategies that Will Have Command Over Digital Marketing in 2017

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2017 has reached a flaming mid-point, while signaling the middle between 2015 and the new decade, and marking a clear uptick in several trends across all forms of marketing involving a few similar concepts such as instantaneous content and communication, automated data, and a general attraction towards white hat SEO services, instead of less effective dirty tricks.

  1. Small Business Transparency

Businesses that are transparent about how they function, who they represent and how they make their products and/or services work will attract more customers.

  1. Consumer-Involved Marketing

Similarly, there will be a marked shift towards involving consumers not just in marketing, but even in product design and other suggestions. Customers will want to have a part in running the business, and working that balance without devolving into chaos will be a challenge for businesses.

  1. A Shift to Instant

Consumers are beginning to get used to getting everything, always, and at any time – and the newer generations are going to be even more insistent on instant delivery of content and information, as well as (eventually) products. Focusing on speed as a perk and feature is important.

  1. More and More Visual

Text has always been a bit more boring than video and photo, but it’s also usually been king. This is markedly changing with visual content becoming quickly more important than words.

  1. Pairing Business with Content Creators

Influencers are already a part of bigger companies – but smaller local business will also have to leverage the popularity of local influencers and content creators to gain popularity online.

  1. Automation (Everywhere)

From AI to actual job automation, algorithms and robots will take over more work in 2017 than any previous year, and this includes data and analytics even in digital marketing. It’s cheap, efficient, and needs neither sleep nor a salary.

  1. Mostly Mobile

While many continue to browse on laptops and PCs, smartphone usage has exploded, with people using their phones to track their fitness, tell time, communicate, browse, play, and generally lead most of their digital lives.

  1. Less Hand-Holding

Intrusive advertising and marketing methods that take away the freedom a consumer must explore and find products on their own will irritate rather than aid customers in making decisions and getting to the checkout page.

  1. Effective Communication

Businesses will have to further invest in direct and near-instant communication with customers through social networks, especially on raw and more intimate forms of communication like Snapchat.

  1. Outsource Everything

In 2017, businesses will have to look outside to stall a plateau in growth. Sometimes, beating the competition means hiring someone from the outside – even into a managerial position in digital marketing – to get things done.

These are a couple concrete concepts that will gain more traction over the rest of the year, and the next few years to follow.

Simple Steps to Build a Winning SEO Strategy on a Small Budget

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Building your online presence is significant for your business. Yet, you don’t have to spend lavishly on SEO. Here are several steps that you can take to achieve the same goal at a fraction of the price many others pay for comparable results.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

If you know anything about the integrated Google algorithm, you know that its biggest pet peeve is keyword stuffing. If you have researched the primary keywords that your consumers search for, then you’re done with basic research.

However, it does not mean you should overload every single webpage, blog post and image description with that keyword. Any professional white hat SEO services expert would tell you that keyword stuffing will get you booted off Google search result pages sooner than you will reach the first page. Maintain a realistic keyword density and only publish high-quality content.

Regular Posts Brings Regular Traffic

Online presence is not something that you can update sporadically, and expect premium results from your efforts. You need to update it on a regular basis – sharing fresh content to appeal to your growing audience week after week.

This ongoing engagement will boost your organic reach, showing Google that people are actively using and viewing your page. This type of activity goes over well within the standard search engine algorithm and will gradually boost your presence in the search results pages because of it.

It’s Not All about the Words

Working very hard to craft the perfectly spelled, well-written article or blog is a great idea. However, like icing on a delicious cake, you need to enhance the quality of your content by adding images and engaging videos as the “icing.”

A study shows that 85 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a specific product after they have watched a product video, per Inc magazine. The same report claims that 84 percent of communications will be visual before 2018. Spread high-quality images that connect to your content through each page and article, adding a little “flavor” to your website that will keep your audience interested and engaged for lasting SEO results.

Best Ways to do SEO effectively in 2017

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As SEO is constantly evolving, the strategies you used even just a few months ago should be updated and changed in order to adapt. It isn’t too late to update your company’s SEO policy for 2017 with the right custom link building services in Los Angeles. These are just a few of the best ways:

  1. SEO Audit

The most important initial step is to perform a full audit of your existing SEO to see if anything is outdated or broken. Search Engine Journal says that the recent RankBrain update from Google means that websites now need to optimize their keywords for LSI and contextual clues.


  1. Mobile Friendly

Mobile technology has been improving swiftly over the past few years and has now reached the point that it is an essential consideration for any website or business based online. Moz even predicts that Google is gradually making the transition to a ‘mobile only’ online world. This also makes local SEO more important, as people will be looking up local services or locations on their smartphones. Custom link building services in Los Angeles should therefore put your mobile site into consideration along with your regular website.


  1. Voice Search

Voice recognition technology has taken great strides and now works much better than it did in the past. Most smartphones now use some kind of voice search function. It does mean that web owners should put it into consideration when putting together their keywords and SEO strategy.


  1. Video and Images

Most SEO is focused on written content, as it is easy for search engines to pick up. But video content and images are also a large part of online content and should be utilized as part of SEO as well, alongside the written articles. Many companies are already using this in the form of infographics, on-page videos, and images posted on social media channels.



If you haven’t begun to jump on board these trends already, it is best to start immediately in order to keep up and adapt your SEO for the present and future. Talk to your SEO firm to find out how they can help you to achieve this and keep a steady stream of visitors coming to your website.

How to Utilize SEO Services Effectively?

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Search engine optimization is very important to boost the ranking of your site. You can find an affordable SEO service online and get expert assistance to make your site the best ever. Read on to find out how to use these services.

Utilizing SEO Services effectively

  • Keyword placement: Ensure that the SEO service you hire selects the right keyword for your site. Choosing the keyword should be preceded by proper research so that the keywords are placed strategically to improve your site ranking. Only the right keywords will make your pages optimized.
  • Original content: If the content on your website is not original, the search engines will not index the pages. Try to use the sites that help you identify duplicate content and eliminate them from your pages. If the search engines find copied content, they remove your site from the search result pages.
  • Proper navigation: The technicians of the SEO service must make the navigation through your website easy. Search engines index the sites that are user-friendly and easily navigable. An optimized page provides the best user experience and this is the way to gain more customers to your business.
  • Load speed: A site that loads fast will be visited by more users. Even the search engines give priority to sites that take less time to load. So, your service provider must take steps to ensure that the page loading time is as less as possible. This attracts more traffic to your site and you can make profit in your business.
  • Earn links: Your website must earn links instead of purchasing them. This makes your site come in top search results pages. Buying links is considered as illegal as this is considered as bad SEO practice.
  • Use best practices: Ask the SEO service provider to use the best practices in SEO rather than short cuts. This improves your visibility in search engines. It is important that the users find value in your site. This alone can positively affect your business.

Whenever you choose an affordable SEO service provider, make sure to discuss these points in your first meeting. A clear understanding will be beneficial to your business.

Finding an SEO Service Provider in Your Area

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If you’re a little SEO savvy, then you’ll know that as per Moz, Google loves changing the way search works.

Taking a step back, it’s important to be armed with a few important facts when discussing SEO and digital marketing. These are:

  • Google is still the king of search engines, with a steady 85 percent market share for years and years.
  • Search engine rankings are very important, because search engines define the way people search for services and businesses and browse the Internet in general.
  • Local search is king, especially for smaller businesses as it allows them to compete within a smaller pond with similarly-sized fish, versus battling whales in the ocean.

With that aside, let’s take a look at some of the most recent changes – specifically Google “Possum”, a follow up to Pigeon, which back in 2014 most impacted and changed the way local search works as per Search Engine Land.

Possum, according to what we know, affected the way organic searches work, and changed the way local SEO works to prioritize neighborhood and city skirt results, rather than focusing on the results that show up in urban centers. It’s part of a push for Google to popularize people supporting businesses closest to home, for convenience sake or some other reason.

The reason you as a business should then look up to team up with a local SEO company, is in order to utilize their personal knowledge of the area to bump up and maximize your local chances at dominating search results for businesses in your area.

To put it simply, an SEO company in Agoura Hills is your best bet at being a major player as a business in Agoura Hills. Looking for providers like SeoTuners by narrowing your searches to local search service providers.

Does SEO Really Matter?

The answer is yes, it does. Everyone is online to look up what they don’t know, and when they aren’t asking their friends (which is where social media marketing becomes handy), they’re asking Google, or search engines that largely base their results on Google. The better you rank in online search results, the better your traffic, and the higher your sales in the end. Simple math.

Why Choose a Local SEO Company for Local SEO

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There’s no denying it – local SEO is one of the most powerful variants of SEO out there, as per Entrepreneur. There are several reasons for this. The first, is that local SEO is easier to compete in. If you’re a mechanic doubling as an online retailer for second-hand car parts, and you’d try to compete online in general for car parts, you’d get absolutely slaughtered by larger second hand retailers who’ve been in the online business for much longer, have their own ruthless strategies and a much larger existing customer base.

However, not everyone wants to shop from that one store. They may want a local store like yours that will offer lower rates and much lower freighting and delivery costs. So they’ll look for businesses in their area, instead, and that’s where you need to pump your SEO resources to come out on top.

Furthermore, through Google’s recent changes as per Search Engine Land, most searches for businesses automatically look for local businesses before expanding the search nationally and globally. Possum, and the older Pigeon, work together in order to improve the rankings of quality businesses within a searcher’s exact radius and location, unless they specify otherwise. That means people searching for good restaurants will not find the best ones in the city, but the best ones in the neighborhood first, city second.

This is to help small businesses in what some see as an ever-increasingly pro-big business search engine market, where big money buys bigger rankings.

Google is trying to show that this isn’t true, by letting smaller companies compete for all the local searches before any larger chains or corporations show up to take the rest of the pie.

Getting a Local SEO Company for Local SEO

Now that you see that local SEO is king, you’ll also see that in order to rank highly locally, you need to produce content that is high-quality and relevant to your location. That’s why an affordable SEO company in Agoura Hills like SeoTuners makes more sense for businesses based there, than a bigger company located elsewhere.

3 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting into SEO

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SEO is a complex field of knowledge, with lot of intricacies and details – but there are a few concrete basics that any company should be able to impart upon, to help you decide and find out how experienced they are, and whether or not such company is fit for you.

Otherwise, as per QuickSprout, SEO can make or break your business – and define the difference between nothing and thousands of dollars a month.


Here are such questions:


How are your clients doing?


Bonus points for when asking a business for contact info for the clients. Choosing a company to work can be simplified drastically once you’ve confirmed one simple thing: The clients they have, all have successful SEO campaigns and techniques in place and are doing well versus their local competitors.


If they can’t seem to get their clients on the map, however, how can you be sure they can be effective for your business and niche?


Is paid search worth it?


SEO can typically be split between organic SEO, and paid search. As per Search Engine Land, paid search or PPC isn’t strictly about SEO; but does often relate to search engines because these are the most common places for buying ads. A good SEO company in Agoura Hills, LA like SeoTuner will provide you with PPC services as well as a myriad of other digital marketing options.


So, if you can work with a business that not only encourages you to step into the world of PPC, but can actively produce good results in doing so, then all the better.


What is your general SEO strategy?


There aren’t many (if any) secrets left to good SEO. There’s just good SEO. So, if a business refuses to tell you what it’ll do to boost your search engine rankings, increase your traffic and boost your sales then they aren’t trying to hide some sort of trade secret; they’re simply inexperienced and don’t want to admit it.


A good SEO company is like a good boxer. Anyone can throw a punch, and anyone can move with their two feet. But it takes years of practice and a great sense and intuition for the sport to become a good boxer – or an SEO expert.


Make sure you’re working with an SEO expert. As long as you’re armed with these three simple questions, you’re good to go.

SEO Techniques You Can Apply Today

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SEO is growing increasingly complex, and resource-intensive. Search Engine Land estimates that companies will spend $65 billion on the industry this year, and that value is supposed to increase on an annual basis.


Cheap and fast black hat techniques are quickly dying out and are being actively punished by Google and other search engines, while arduous, leg work-based white hat techniques are being made more effective.

However, even mostly without the help of an affordable website SEO company, there are a few techniques you can apply right away – and you’ll within short order, see their beneficial effects.

Apply Smarter Linkbuilding

Right off the bat, you can start your journey to highly effective SEO by making use of quality backlinks. Backlinks still matter in this day and age, but they’re nigh useless if the reputation of the website that is linking to you isn’t absolutely stellar.

Indeed, what matters today far more than the number of backlinks you have is where they’re from. Even just a handful of quality backlinks from educational or authority sites can make a huge difference in your SERP, and subsequently, your ranking.

How do you get quality backlinks? By offering to replace broken links with your own content, as per Backlinko. Authority sites and educational blogs often require several outbound links for SEO purposes and to redirect readers to sources for the various facts and information cited in a post – but over time, websites change their domain structure, companies rebrand, or links simply die. That’s when it’s time to contact blogs and offer your own research or content as a replacement to dead links.

Get a Website Audit

This will require the service of an SEO specialist, but it is well worth it. One of the biggest problems with many companies is that they simply don’t know how well they’re doing in the grand scheme of things. Don’t let your company be part of that problem – use a quality SEO service to determine first where you should focus your attention, and optimize accordingly.

Put Your Contact Info on Every Page

Search engines function in relatively new ways today, specifically in the world of local SEO. You can get a lot done with just a few simple tweaks. One of them is to input your company’s contact information on every single page, rather than just your contact page, as per Search Engine Land – that way, Google is more likely to score your website higher for having a physical location with consistent, frequently-posted contact information.

That being said, it’s also important to do so in a way that is not obnoxious. A simple fix is to place your contact information on every one of your webpage’s headers – or, more accurately, your website header. That way it’s always easily accessible, consistent in its location, and it blends in perfectly into that outer layer of a page that exists, can be viewed, but is rarely looked at unless explicitly needed.

With these three simple SEO tips and the services of an affordable website SEO company like SeoTuners, you’ll quickly get a leg up on the competition, and that without investing majorly in SEO. You can even apply most of these tips and techniques on your own, although getting a professional specialist to do it for you ensures a thorough, quick job.

5 Link Building Tips You Need to Know About

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In SEO, the biggest factors for search engine ranking are without a doubt content quality and inbound links. This is as per the Google Q&A, which lists these two alongside user experience design for SEO factors.


Your content is totally within your control. You want talented writers, skilled editors, and a topic that interests your customers and gets plenty of shares and traffic.


It’s different with links. Since Google Penguin, which is getting an update soon as per Link Research Tools, utilizing self-created links are the least effective. Outreach links, created by talking to bloggers or paying for listings, are more effective so long as they’re legitimate, an example of which is being listed for a local business award. They work to your advantage. The best links are natural editorial links, given to you by trusted news outlets.


Thus, link building has become an important cornerstone in SEO. Through an affordable internet advertising company like SeoTuners, you’ll be able to get around today’s link building limitations. If you’re having trouble finding ways to get reputable websites to link to your website and get you the traffic and SERP you really need, then here are a couple of tips that’ll help you out.


  1. Replace Dead Links


A golden tip is to scour the web for educational or informative websites that report or educate on your chosen business niche. You can do this through a little Google-fu, by seeking out websites that specifically end in .edu and looking up the “blog” keyword in them. Then, through a dead link checking resource, you can discover if any of the websites these sites link to have a dead link. A little email outreach and you can refer them to your website to replace the dead link, by acting as an independent third party.


  1. Get into Local Directories


Local directories are an extremely easy way to get linked to online, but it’s still worth your while for the traffic. Free listings are best, but if a directory has particularly high traffic, then a paid listing may pay off for you.


  1. Host Local Meet Ups


By hosting meet ups in your local area related to your business, you can create awareness about your brand and create a little buzz online about your company.


  1. Reach Out to Local News


Press releases are a great way to build links. If you have a particularly interesting piece of news – like winning a local business award – you can reach out to a local news outlet to help them cover the story.


  1. Win an Award


This may sound tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. As per Search Engine Land, local business awards aren’t always greatly televised. Look around, and you may be able to find a local guild looking for nominations.


In the past, inbound links could come from almost anywhere, and they’d be registered as a significant factor in your website’s ability to rank. Inbound links existed as a ranking factor because they were a way for Google and other search engines to figure out that your website, being highly cited, must contain some valuable, interesting, and relevant information.


Today, inbound links matter in a different way. They can’t come from just anywhere, and they can’t be bought, either. With the introduction of Google’s Penguin program, link buying and spamming are offenses that will be punished through penalization.