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Coversion Rate Optimization

A Quick Way to Improve Conversion Optimization

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) refers to using user feedback and analytics to improve a website’s performance. CRO can be  used to improve a wide range of website metrics, also known as key performance indicators (KPI), that’s more often associated with acquiring new downloads, registrations, customers, etc.

A Quick way to Improve Conversion Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization TipsHere are a few quick reference tips to help you increase your website’s conversion optimization.

  1. Consider testing your Call to Action (CTA) on both left and right sides of the page to see which one works for your business.
  2. Find out the three top components of your organization’s value proposition and check to see if they are evident on your landing page.
  3. Consider testing additional credibility indicators on your website, such as stats, awards, reviews, testimonials, etc.
  4. How specific can your landing page be? Is it possible to run a product page in place of a category page?
  5. Find out the not-so-useful links on your landing page and eliminate them; they’ll reduce distraction.
  6. Consider using larger and high quality product images for more clarity, on the individual category pages.
  7. Can the options on your product be reduced?
  8. Consider using text in high contrast against a white background for better clarity.
  9. Your privacy policy could be causing anxiety to your visitors; consider shortening them. That doesn’t imply foregoing your security policies completely though.
  10. Understand that your customer buys emotionally but defends it rationally. You need to find ways t appeal them.
  11. Consider presenting your Privacy policy as a pop-up rather than using a separate page altogether.
  12. When designing landing pages, emphasize on selling solutions rather than features because the former is relative.
  13. Consider testing pop-up forms vs separate page vs. embedded lead generation forms to find out what works for your business.
  14. Consider swapping right columns with the left.
  15. Instead of using white text on a black background, consider using the reverse.
  16. Consider moving the optional form fields into the Thank You page and allocating special benefits for filling them out
  17. Consider switching rotating offer banners with a copy of static value proposition and images.
  18. Consider using images in your CTAs.
  19. Check your category pages for easy and relevant filters, and if they are missing get them in place.
  20. Consider testing s two column vs. three column product layout.

However, the results from deploying one or more of the above online conversion optimization changes, may differ from company to company. Therefore they need to be used only after testing their appropriateness for a particular scenario. You could seek the help of professional conversion optimization services specialists for guidance.Have more tips or suggestions to share about how businesses can improve their conversion optimization rate? Share them with us in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you as well.

how to get SEO clients

How To Win More Clients As An SEO Company

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Like with any other highly competitive industry, getting clients as an SEO company can be challenging. With numerous SEO companies in the market, big and small, pricey and cheap, the customer seeking SEO services has numerous options to choose from.

So how do you go about it then? Well, as a well established SEO company in LA, we have a few practical, very actionable suggestions to help you achieve results.

get SEO clients

Tips for SEO companies to win more clients

  • Offer creation of a free Facebook Business Page - This will not only help increase the footfalls on your website, but also ensure that your prospective customers also check out the other marketing services that you have to offer.
  • Organize networking events or local marketing seminars - You could do this at your office or at a public hall. Offer free advice on how SEO can be used to increase business profits. This way, businesses will look at your organization as someone knowledgeable in the field of online marketing and will approach you whenever they need help. You may even have people asking you to help them with their online marketing right away.
  • Offer SEO audits for free - While 80-90% of the companies will not really ask for it, those who do, can really be worthwhile of the effort. Through offering free SEO audit, you’ll be able to give your customers a view of where they stand in the world of online marketing, and what they are missing out on. Then tell them how you can help them achieve more credibility online. This way, you’ll be able to instill more trust in them for your brand and hence bag a contract.
  • Attend trade shows - By attending trade shows, not just your industry specific ones, but those of other industries too, you’ll be able to get some good clients. It works even better if you can get a stand for your business. Trade shows for SEO centric industries like travel and automotive can be great choices since companies in these industries are always on the lookout for way to attract more customers.
  • Write and e-book - This can be a great way to exhibit how much your organization knows about what they are dealing with. Consider addressing an issue that’s widespread among businesses struggling to cope up with online competition. Don’t hold back on what you know; while some will want to get it done from somewhere else, most of the time clients will want you to help them out.
  • Build a social media forum - Building and promoting a social media community doesn't cost much. However, by doing that you can build a good network. Through this forum you will have businesses asking questions on managing online marketing, and by way of offering them solutions, you can always suggest them the services that your SEO agency provides. But, don’t forget to add your company’s links on the creator’s details.

These are some very practical ways to win more clients for your SEO agency. If you’ve tried any of these out before, share with us your experiences on how successful they had been. We’d love to hear from you as well.

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